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Powers & Duties

This document defines the powers and duties incumbent upon the Parish Council and the Statutory Provisions associated with those Powers & Duties.

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Precept 2024-25 Confirmation

The Precept is a tax that Parish Council’s charge their local electors to meet their budget requirements. Parish Councils do not receive any direct funding from central government and rely on their Precept plus any other income they generate from services or facilities they provide. The Parish Council Precept is part of the Council Tax and is collected from local electors via their Council Tax payments.

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Publication Scheme

The Parish Council follows the Model Publication Scheme as laid out by the Information Commissioner.

Information available from Hutton Cranswick Parish Council will be published in-line with the scheme.

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Recording of Meetings Policy

The Council is committed to the principles of openness and transparency and encourages members of the public to attend all meetings of the Council, its committees and sub-committees and therefore embraces the rights extended to members of the public by the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014.

This document sets out the Council's policy on the recording and publication of its meetings.

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Register of Council Assets

We are required to publish a register of local assets with an approximate indication of their value.

We have based current valuations on values on information from relevant insurance policies.

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Risk Register

The council is required to manage risk and provide a scheme where any risks can be managed and dealt with in an effective manner should the need arise.

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Standing Orders

Standing Orders are rules of procedure adopted by the Parish Council for its own internal use.

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