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Village In Bloom

Welcome to Hutton Cranswick in Bloom. The two settlements of Huttone (village on the end of a hill) and Cranuc Wic (Old English for a crane inhabited homestead) are mentioned in the Domesday Book. Although the two areas like to retain some individual identity, they form one Parish. With a population of around 1783, Hutton Cranswick is classed as a Large Village in the Yorkshire in Bloom and Britain in Bloom campaigns.

Hutton Cranswick in Bloom was formed in 1995 to enable the village to compete in the annual Yorkshire in Bloom Campaign. It is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. The group aims to:

  •  raise public awareness and promote community vision and activity
  •  encourage and expand involvement when and where possible.

As the In Bloom Campaign has developed, Hutton Cranswick in Bloom has embraced the challenge to address the three Core Pillars:


Horticultural AchievementEnvironmental ResponsibilityCommunity Involvement

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Village in Bloom AGM Notice

The Village in Bloom team would normally have held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January 2021 to review the past year, look at the accounts and the Chair’s report and elect officials. The meeting would have been publicised in December with an invitation to stand for any of the three officer positions.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic we decided we could not to hold an AGM this year. The officers in the positions of: Chair, Gina Simpson; Treasurer, Sue Jackson; and Secretary, Heather Teare have agreed to stand for another year.


Annual General Meeting Reports

The Chair’s report and the statement of accounts have been written and these together with the 2020 AGM minutes can be found using these links:

2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2020 Chairman's Report

2020 Statement of Accounts

Village In Bloom Projects

Centenary Wood
Community Spirit
Cycle Sculpture Project
Station Projects

A brief History

  • 1995 – first year of entry.
  • 1998 – joint winners with Little Weighton of the Brenda Fussey Memorial Trophy for the most improved East Yorkshire village.
  • 1999 – Hutton Cranswick is selected to be East Yorkshire’s entry in the Large Village section of Britain in Bloom; winners of the special War Memorial floral display.
  • 2000 – awarded five trophies at the ceremony in York: Large Village Section winner; best overall spring display; best overall summer displays; War Memorial floral display winner; the most improved East Yorkshire village.
  • 2001 – Hutton Cranswick gained third place in Yorkshire in Bloom; a sun clock is constructed on the old school site on the village green to celebrate 150th anniversary of the school and the new millennium.
  • 2002 – Hutton Cranswick gained fourth place in the Large Village section of Yorkshire in Bloom. The number of entries in this section increases year on year.
  • 2003 – Certificate of Merit awarded to Hutton Cranswick and third place given to Pinfold Close (Ben Bailey New Housing Award).
  • 2004 – Hutton Cranswick in Bloom initiates a partnership with the train operating company (initially Arriva, now Northern Rail) for the refurbishment of Hutton Cranswick Station; the village gained fourth place in Yorkshire in Bloom.
  • 2005 – fifth place overall in Yorkshire in Bloom but St Peter’s Church in Hutton won the Yorkshire Rose Award for the best maintained churchyard in Yorkshire.
  • 2006 – Hutton Cranswick entered the Calor Village of the Year and won the regional section of the competition; the village was awarded Silver Gilt in the Yorkshire in Bloom campaign.
  • 2007 – Silver Gilt again!
  • 2008 – Hutton Cranswick Station Garden was placed second in the Best Station Garden section of the National Community Rail Awards; Silver Gilt award from Yorkshire in Bloom.
  • 2009 – Gold Rose Award from Yorkshire in Bloom; finalists in the Best Station Garden National Community Rail Awards.
  • 2010 – The In Bloom group unveils its logo for a new look in the new year. New stationery, badges and t-shirts displaying the new logo are produced. A Silver Gilt Rose award is gained from Yorkshire in Bloom. The station garden is shortlisted in the Best Station Garden category of the National Community Rail Awards.
  • 2011 – Gold Rose Award from Yorkshire in Bloom and Best in Category! This is followed by an invitation to go forward into Britain in Bloom 2012.
  • 2012 - Silver Gilt Award from Britain in Bloom.
  • 2013 – Gold Rose Award from Yorkshire in Bloom.
  • 2014 – Gold Rose Award; Certificates of Achievement for Tour de France & WWI Displays.
  • 2015 – Gold Rose Award & Joint Category Winner with Barwick in Elmet (Britain in Bloom Finalists 2016).
  • 2016 - Gold Rose Award from Yorkshire in Bloom
  • 2017 - Gold Rose Award from Britain in Bloom
  • 2018 - Gold Rose Award from Yorkshire in Bloom Also Yorkshire Rose Discretionary  Small Community Award
  • 2019 - Gold Rose Award from Yorkshire in Bloom

Launch of the In Bloom Campaign for 2012

The theme for the 2012 Britain in Bloom Campaign is Wild about Wildflowers. All finalists could request a packet of wildflower seeds from the Royal Horticultural Society. Seeds were provided by the environmental charity Landlife. The annuals to be grown from the seeds include: corn poppy, corn marigold, corn chamomile, corncockle and cornflower – plants that are Perfect for Pollinators.

Hutton Cranswick in Bloom identified an area suitable for the seeds, where they would add colour and impact as well as increasing the wildlife corridor. The extremely dry March delayed the preparation of the ground until early April – and a few heavy showers! On 27 April a group of In Bloomers gathered on Hutton Green for a ceremonial planting. The whole operation was overseen by Crawford the Cranswick Crane – the new mascot created by Lesley Eldridge.

Themed Planting

Hutton Cranswick in Bloom embraces the philosophy of the national In Bloom Campaign of sustainability and environmental responsibility. With this in mind the Plant Group have developed a theme of the Elements for key areas of the village for 2012. Grouping plants to depict Fire, Earth, Air and Water gives plenty of opportunity to introduce colour, texture, variety and sustainability whilst following a cohesive theme. Increasing sustainability can, also, increase community participation as villagers donate bulbs, corms and tubers from their own gardens.

The In Bloom display will incorporate 10 hanging baskets overflowing with red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics.