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Potential severe difficulties to rail users travelling to and from Hutton Cranswick from the 14th September, 2020 and risk to future services

Rail users in Hutton Cranswick have serious concerns over the disruption to their lives, with regard to the reduced timetable Northern Rail are to implement next month.

From the 14th September, 2020, the rail service from Hutton Cranswick is reducing. Going north to Driffield, Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough the service is to be reduced down to 4 trains daily. Travelling south to Beverley, Cottingham and Hull reduced down to 6 daily.

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As well as making travel much more arduous for residents to go to work, attend hospital appointments, etc., it will make the lives of children that are reliant on the train to attend school more difficult. Alternative travel, very likely by car, will have to be undertaken, increasing the already congested roads and impact on the environment.

Both rail users and non-rail users in the village are extremely concerned over the long term future of a rail service in Hutton Cranswick. A rail service is a vital means of transport for the village, both now and in the future.

We need to understand why this timetable has been prepared in this way and what are the reasons for it.


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